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Why spread yourself all over the internet when you can have everything you need in one place. 
Shine Bright Media LTD is the ultimate digital marketing company! Based in Blackpool & The Fylde Coast

We are the team behind repeated, digital success!

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If we don’t hit our marketing or SEO targets by the estimated date then we carry on working for free until the job is done! That is quite simply the best guarantee you will ever see!


Website Design & Digital Marketing Specialists

Shine Bright Media Ltd is a media creation and digital marketing company serving Blackpool & the Fylde Coast. We are a husband and wife team with over 30 years of combined experience working in the digital media and marketing industries. Our website design history is only matched by our marketing experience.

Our director’s first website sale was in 2006. It was a table based design with good old fashioned link-building SEO. Times have changed. Repeatedly. In over 15 years not only has website design changed but so has the multitude of marketing avenues. SEO is now considered a technical science and design has become a fluid and functional thing.

The fabric of Shine Bright Media Ltd is made of a successful history of problem-solving right at the front line of digital media.  Our experience in digital marketing is second to none and our design capabilities really pack a punch. 

From localised websites with a smaller job to do to global sales powerhouses with multi-lingual considerations. We can provide every web-based solution that could possibly be required. We combine slick functionality with a beautiful design that is considerate to the job in hand. The result is an array of website design, search engine optimization, and general digital marketing products that can propel any online business.

Extensive Range Of Digital Products

We are proud to provide only the highest quality web design products backed by search engine optimization and social media marketing techniques that really bring home results. With full AdWords and PPC services, Shine Bright Media Ltd really does cover the whole range of services required to succeed in web-based business

Website Design and Development

We started out with web design way back when Facebook was just a glimmer in a spotty teens eye. Over the years we estimate we have worked on well over 300 websites with over 200 of those being complete original works and designs. 

Our portfolio and history shows a long journey of success and growth. From small, table-based website designs way-back-when to modern multi-million business powerhouses we have built and managed all manner of websites. 

We build websites that handle high-pressure needs. Genuine sales machines that deliver genuine results by a customer-experience that is tailored to the product or service in hand. Websites with genuine conversion strategies as standard. 

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is often considered akin to advertising such as AdWords however this is a mistake.  SEO shouldn’t be seen as an option, it is the back-bone of your entire website strategy. 

Most people know that link building is – and always has been – the king of SEO techniques. More and more, however, a new breed of SEO is taking center stage. Technical SEO. 

Technical SEO brings us into a hand-held and physically mobile era of search engine optimisation. Local SEO is essential for any local business or service that needs to be found. 

Technical SEO is the SEO that gives you all those little advantages in the search engines. FAQ questions carefully marked to present Google with the perfectly presented information and bingo, a lovely well presented snippet at the top of a search result. 

We love technical SEO and provide various technical SEO services such as our on-page Microdata and Schema upgrade or even our site-wide WordPress schema upgrade. 

But don’t worry – we still love and provide the old skool stuff! 😉 

Blackpool & Poulton-le-Fylde

Shine Bright Media Ltd is based in our customer built offices in Poulton-le-Fylde. Our managing director “Mathew England” was born in Blackpool Victoria in 1976 and all Shine Bright Media staff are long term Fylde Coast residents. Not only do we have a passion for the town, we understand Blackpool and the Fylde Coast from a working point of view.