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Your one-stop no hassle web department! From website development to search engine optimisation to Adwords, socal marketing and beyond. We sell your stuff!

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Website Design & Social Media Marketing From Blackpool & Fylde

Welcome to Shine Bright Media LTD.
We can put your digital marketing back on track and bring customers and clients to your online web properties.

It’s time to move along from the frustration of slow social gains and no-show marketing campaigns. You need to get the bottom-line results that are waiting for you right now. If, for the same cost of a single member of staff, you could wave goodbye to every web based problem you have and simply watch your internet income grow wouldn’t you be mad not to do it?

This is where Shine Bright Media comes into play. Your very own website design and marketing company with the very best, instant customer service. We are a website design and management, social media, marketing consultancy agency with gusto. Your products need selling. We can help you with that.

The State of Digital Marketing in 2018.

In 2018 you need to be comprehensive to win on the web. It’s not just about web design and SEO anymore. You now need social media marketing. Website and social media management. Adwords management. Digital Marketing Strategy. And to add to all that, you need to keep on top of the loop which requires a fair whack of general marketing consultancy. The internet is constantly changing.

The various internet marketing options and opportunities is a wild west leaving many business owners confused and, let’s be honest, completely stifled by the web. Social growth is very slow while marketing plans seem to go nowhere.

It doesn’t need to be like this. The web done right is a powerful place and your customer and clients are out there right now!

So what can you do about it?

From your point of view there are a few options.

1. Build an in-house website design and internet marketing department.
This is your ultimate solution. With the right combination of design, digital marketing and social media specialists you’ll get the best results. You are genuinely looking at fairly huge amounts of money though. A web office manager alone will set you back £40,000 pa and then there’s other specialists required in other areas and the constant upgrading of equipment and devices for testing and support.

2. Buy your website and marketing as standalone products.
This option is one we don’t recommend. Especially if your web products are coming from different companies. Your support – if existent at all – will be fragmented and shared between companies. Your projects won’t be built from the ground up to work together. In short, you lessen the chances of success while making the job more complicated.

3. Do it yourself.
As mad as it sounds we have seen this approach work many a time before. Not a bad approach for companies with geographical limits such as plasterers and gardeners. For a small local approach one-person, in time, could easily get great results. We even recommend this option to the right people.

4. Hire a web agency!
That’s us. A web agency is your own design and marketing department. Complete with consultation services and constant daily monitoring of marketing strategies. A good web agency covers all your needs. You get a web design studio. Website management. A social media agency. An SEO management plan. Marketing consultant services. Hosting and server management. The lot.

A proper web agency will also have a great support system in place. Shine Bright Media LTD offers Monday to Friday telephone support with ticket and emergency support at all other times.

Hassle free website and marketing management!

Our MD (Matty England) started selling web design in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast nearly 20 years ago. From there went on to manage multi million online digital marketing departments. Oftentimes single handedly developing websites that generated tens of millions in good old GBP. The Shine Bright Media LTD, web agency business model is not the average pop-up marketing company.

Shine Bright Media LTD is built on long-term real world success stories. Your business will grow from strength to strength with Shine bright media LTD in your corner. We’re a web design company you’ll work with for years!