About our affiliate program

Profiteering is a disgusting practice in times like we are currently facing. We hope it goes without saying this is not our aim. Our affiliate program has been closed for some time but has recently been requested as people need to find alternative ways to bring in income. We thought that not only would positive to re-open our affiliate program but we're also offering 50% commission to make this a fair and square 50/50 offer.

Become an affiliate!

Our affiliate scheme gives you an easy way to create extra income. If you’re popular on social media or have a busy blog or website our affiliate commissions are a genuine way to build decent passive income. You can even just simply refer people by email. 

With a flat 35% commission rate (currently 50%) our minimum payout per referral is over £100.

Simple to get started!

We make the whole process really simple. It’s free to create an affiliate account with us which provides a small army of banner ads and text links. All customised with your data.

All you have to do is share the links and adverts, in any way you wish, and your commissions grow as you refer people here to buy our products and services.

Easy to track and manage!

Your account gives you instant access to all your own data. You can see how many people click your links, how many visitors return and how many convert into paying customers.

Of course your affiliate account also shows you a solid breakdown of your earnings.

All this combined with our excellent affiliate support system makes being a Shine Bright Media Ltd affiliate a very attractive proposal.

To get started simply click the link below. Your personalised links and banners are available right away so you can get started in literally minutes.