About Shine Bright Media Ltd

About Shine Bright Media Ltd

Shine Bright Media Ltd is a web design and digital marketing company specialising in full web management contracts.  We build, develop and fully manage all types of websites from small single page brochure websites to full-blown multinational and even global e-commerce business solutions. Read on to learn all about Shine Bright Media and a little about our Directors and company history. 

The Full Story About Shine Bright Media Ltd.

Shine Bright Media limited is a web design and digital marketing company. Headed by husband and wife team Mathew and Anne-Marie England, we are a web design specialist also providing various digital marketing services. 

We are very good at what we do. In the 2018/2019 fiscal year, our client websites combined generated just under £30,000,000 in gross income. And yes, that is direct website sales, not total combined company gross. 

We build, develop and fully manage all types of websites from small single page brochure websites to full-blown multinational and even global e-commerce business solutions.

The bulk of our website designs are based on the WordPress blog and content management system. WordPress powers around 30% amount of the entire internet for very good reason. WordPress makes it very simple for our engineers to work with great speed while also offering non-techie types an easy way to log in and manage a website.

It also comes with the added advantage of having a global network of professional designers and coders constantly working on WordPress security. This group mentality gives the client access to a huge amount of professional knowledge that would otherwise be impossible for even the largest businesses to afford. Is a major player in the open-source community. A community that has drastically changed the way the web is built over the last decade.

Beyond web design, our website prowess is only matched by our digital marketing skillset. Our historical experience ranges from £10 a week Facebook boost budgets to full management of multi-million AdWords budgets. We have been the marketing team powering national companies two fantastic success. We really have the real-world experience and know-how to make any business succeed online and in the digital marketplace.

The icing on the cake is SEO AKA search engine optimisation services. We are proud of our SEO. We only utilize white hat engine optimisation techniques to ensure great results while maintaining a future proof place in the digital business arena.

One-to-one customer service a speciality.

If there is one thing about Shine bright Media that’s different from other web and digital marketing companies that we really focus on a personal approach to our customer care. The people you speak to on the telephone or the same people doing the actual technical work.

Our ongoing management clients benefit from close one-to-one relationships with our designer’s marketers and search engine specialists

Serving Blackpool & The Fylde Coast

We are currently based in Poulton-le-Fylde however we provide services to Blackpool and the Fylde Coast as well as the rest of the UK. Our managing director was born in Blackpool in 1976 and all members of shine bright Media have lived in the town throughout their entire lives.

We love working with Blackpool and The Fylde Coast businesses because it gives us an opportunity to have an old school one-to-one personal approach. Unlike other web design companies, we actually like to meet our clients face-to-face on a regular basis.

A Family Business

Shine bright Media Ltd is headed by husband and wife team Mathew and Anne-Marie England.

Mathew and Anne-Marie have worked together on a professional level for well over a decade. Combined as a team they bring over 30 years experience in the digital marketing arena to the table.

Shine Bright Media Ltd keeps the client base small to ensure we only provide the highest quality service possible. It is our goal in life as well as in business to constantly grow and only do our very best.

Our passion and zest for progress combined with our extensive experience and skill set make us a serious force to be reckoned with. Add to that our family-friendly approach to business and you have a friendly, light-hearted business that delivers genuine powerful results. You can’t ask for more than that!