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We are an internet marketing and website design specialist!

Shine Bright Media LTD is a Fylde Coast company providing a huge range of digital media services. The focus of all our products is to help our clients grow. Below you can see an overview of some of our most popular products. Please do contact us or browse through our menu system if you cannot see the services you require.

Digital Agency Services.

If you want to get the absolute best results you from Shine Bright Media LTD our digital agency services are the way to go. This is because our agency plans take care of every aspect of your online business. Hence, we are your own marketing and design department at a fraction of the usual costs of an in-house alternative.

Web Design

From basic single page website design to on-line brochures and full e-commerce websites we can cover any need you may have. Furthermore at Shine Bright Media LTD we only use state of the art design methods. This ensures all websites and web applications are as future proof and SEO friendly as possible. Also, every single website we create is built to the branding requirements of the client in question. We have a development system that allows us to get results fast. Our 20 years experience in the field of website design has given us the edge over the competition.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has quickly become the standard way many people use the internet. Especially in 2019 t has quite literally turned good old fashioned “word of mouth” recommendation into something truly astonishing. 

The right word in the right place can do absolute wonders for any business. This is the reason we work to close targets on all social media campaigns and have the skill set you need to get the results you want. We provide full social media management services.

Promotional Video Design

Video can no longer be a potential string in your bow. Video is happening now and creates better conversions than any other media format. As a result, if your products and services have informative videos they are more likely to sell. Our promotional video production is of the highest quality and fully optimised for the for audience. Weather a Facebook header or a hotel promotion we have the skill of beautiful, strategic storytelling at your disposal. Our awesome design skills combined with industry standard editing tools allow us to create memorable sales messages in such a way your clients won’t even know they are being sold to.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Long gone are the days when a few back-links could get a site on the front page of Google. SEO in 2018 is a completely different animal. These days keyword and competitor research are essential tools for any business wanting to rank highly in the search engines. Put simply, you need to know the terrain of your specific place on the internet. once you know the terrain, you can start to build the map that will get you to the top. At Shine Bright Media we have the tools and the knowledge to create your specific map to SEO success.

Consultation Services

Sometimes you just need direction and that’s where our consultation services come into play. If your current web properties and marketing efforts are not gaining the results you need or if you simply need to know the right place to direct your attention online we can help.

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