Charity Web Design

Special charity rates. Free for the first £300 then 50%.

For any official FY based charity we have a very simple rate of 50% discount, across the board with all products. Fylde Coast charities can utilise our website design services, SEO, social media marketing or even our all-in-one website management and marketing plans.

A Simple Process

Our charity rate is very simple. If we take on a project we provide a full proposal exactly as we do with any other website design client.

Then we reduce the price by 50%. This 50% charity discount not only applies to our bespoke quotes and proposals, but also to our set packages and all pricing on products here on the website. This way you know it is a true 50% discount.

If you would like to be considered to be part of our charitable work please use the following form and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Limited Availability!

Please be aware we have limited availability. Please make any enquiries as soon as possible. If we are not in a position to help immediately we will always provide an expected availability date.

Enquire Now

Alternatively just call!

We a small family business and very approachable. Feel free to give us a call for a no-obligation chat.

01253 894 639

Working Restrictions

While we work fast and we do everything we can to provide the best results possible we must make it very clear that we are a small, two-person company and our primary focus must always be our paying clients. We simply cannot run the company if we dont make our paying clients our priority at all times. 

While we will always try to work to deadlines we cannot make guarantees. We must also stress that our charitable work is not covered by our indemnity warranties or liability insurance. 

Please don’t think means our charitable work isnt our top level work. Everything we do receives our very best level of skill and effort but we have to be realistic with our day to day availability. 

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