Blackpool Based Web Design. Home Sweet Home!

It’s 1st October which marks a very special day for us here at Shine Bright Media Ltd. We’ve been in business as an Ltd company for under 3 years and we’re at a point where we need to change the way our company works.

We’re basically faced with a choice. We can either go for fast growth & quality or improve quality. We’ve decided on quality. We’re officially refocusing our company to completely concentrate on Blackpool based web design and digital marketing.

We’re tightening our net and focusing on our home town.

To mark this special change in our company we’ve got a few special offers specifically for Blackpool based business owners in the FY postcode. They’re very good offers too. No little discounts of just a few quid.

We’re offering our full website management services for half price for the entire of October. That’s a saving of over £12,000 per year. We’re also giving 10 web design vouchers out. Again for 50% of any of our web design services. It’s amazing! Another totally top awesome thing we’re doing for Blackpool & The Fylde is offering our web audit service for free. Forever. Exclusive to the Fylde.

We love it.
October 2019 is a BIG month for us here at Shine Bright Media Ltd. We’ve made quite a few big moves to allow us to concentrate on the Fylde Coast and we’re changing our direction in big ways.

To add to our offers we’re also pushing some very interesting projects. is our very own Blackpool town guide. It is a fully optimized business directory specifically for the local business community and completely free to use.

In the member’s area, you get a full range of local and national marketing advice.

We’ll also be providing an outstanding local media gallery with over 500 images and videos. All created by us, completely original media and totally free to use for all users of the directory. Use it in your marketing, websites, social media etc. It’s proper top stuff.

We are a marketing specialist. We’ve been successful long before we created Shine Bright Media working with multi-million budgets for multinational companies.

We KNOW that modern marketing is about building networks and we know the best way to show our audience is to show you what we can do.

To our clients and the local business community. Shine Bright Media Ltd is fully dedicated to Blackpool & The Fylde Coast.

You don’t have to be our client to benefit from our work. Our aim is to build a network that benefits everyone. Of course, we will always have our products and services up for sale but there’s a lot more to our content than just sales.

We hope to see you around our various digital communities. We’re always positive and we hope you find value in what we have to offer.

We never openly market our products so don’t be afraid to say hello.

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