Build a content hub and distribution centre

Build a content hub

We're talking about a BLOG! Get a blog.
This is a very short yet extremely important part of the foundations. Coming into 2020 there is much opinion against blogging. But don't confuse blogging with actually owning and managing a blog.

We don't want a blog for blogging in the traditional blogosphere sense. We're not suggesting you become a Blogger.

Instead, we're suggesting you get a blog purely as a hub for our content creation. It should be attached to your website and serve as a place for company news and announcements. Competitions, quizzes and giveaways. Coupon announcements. Industry news. The possibilities are endless.

Don't look at your blog as a blog, look at it as a content hub to repeatedly market your content. You no doubt have product pages or dedicated landing pages for your services. We'll your blog lets you talk about them, contextually and for different audiences.

A content hub, if managed correctly, can serve as the direct link between the various traffic sources online and your products and services. It is the buffer that turns your sales message into useful information.

It's also a very powerful SEO tool if you know how to wield it right.

Get out of the dark!

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