This guide launches 1st January 2020 so is currently a work in progress. We are always adding new information but we also welcome your suggestions and tips. If you have anything to add to the guide please let us know in the right column. (Bottom of the page if on mobile). 😉

The Shine Bright Media Ltd Digital Marketing Guide

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Welcome to Our Digital Marketing Guide

Welcome to the Shine Bright Media Ltd “Digital Marketing Guide”. Here to help you make the most out of your digital marketing efforts. With this guide, we believe anybody can make a full success story with modern digital marketing.

Before you read on you should know this is no get-rich-quick guide. This guide unravels the most common confusions of internet marketing and offers a clear and realistic understanding of how things work. This, in turn, helps you make better decisions to minimise wasted time and budget.

This guide started life as a few snippets of text put together to help our non-management clients. It’s slightly grown since then and has plenty of useful information so we thought we’d share it with you.

Side Note.
The guide is a work in progress so will be constantly updated, tweaked and expanded. We welcome your own tips and suggestions, or even correction if appropriate. We have included a short suggestions form on each page. Please feel free to use it.

Section 1. The Foundations.

If you are new to internet business and digital marketing then this section of the digital marketing guide is for you. It’s also a great section for any existing business already online.

This section covers the base level requirements of both knowledge and ability. Your understanding and execution of the suggestions in this section have a direct effect on the level of success of everything else you do.

We like to think of the foundations as your amplifier. The more attention to detail you pay to this, the higher the wattage of your amplifier and the more powerful your marketing will be.

Section 2. Digital Marketing Guides.

Once you have your foundations in place you can really start with the fun part of the ongoing marketing routine.

If you have taken the foundations seriously then your full content creation kit, content hub, all your resources, data, and basic texts should be ready to go. The better and stronger your foundations are, the more fun and successful the marketing process is going to be. More importantly, the faster the whole process will produce results.

You are about to delve deep into the techniques that are going to make a success of your internet business efforts. Sure a few minor points may change here and there but at a base level, THIS IS IT! Strap in and buckle up, we’re about to learn how we dominate the web!

Section 3. Staying Alive.

After 6 to 12 months of constant effort following the principles and suggestions in this Digital Marketing Guide you should find that you’re doing pretty well by now.

You will also notice that the competition is always right at your heels. That’s the game of the internet, it never stops fluctuating and it never stops re-evaluating. Using today’s methods to climb to the top of the internet in your industry is one thing, staying there requires you to employ an extra set of eyes in the back of your head. An extra set of eyes that can be dedicated to just watching the landscape and keeping guard.

Luckily. Our foundation already provides us with everything we need to stay ahead of the curve. Most of the techniques and suggestions in this section you will be familiar with from earlier sections. Here we just slightly redirect our focus to become prophets of our own futures. (Very dramatic eh!)

A Short Disclaimer

Shine Bright Media Ltd and the authors of this digital marketing guide are professional marketers and designers. The original purpose of this guide was to create a few helpful articles for our clients that preferred to manage their websites themselves. If you are looking for a set of digital marketing tools you would be best with something along the lines of SEMrush.

Therefore, the website and digital marketing advice found in this guide are offered as-is and without warranty. As with all skilled industries, it is always best to let professionals do the job.

We always strive to help those who prefer a more hands-on DIY approach to run their online businesses however we can’t be held responsible when things don’t work out. This guide is not a guaranteed step-by-step manual. It is merely a few pointers and directions to help untangle common issues with digital marketing.

Get out of the dark!

We hope you like our guide. We provide everything in this entire guide in our all-in-one web management services. For a no-obligation quote just fill out the following short form. (No phone number required)


Introduction & Misc Info.

Section 1. The Foundations.

Section 2. Marketing Guides.

Section 3. Staying Alive.

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Any suggestions?

This guide is a constant work in progress and we welcome any suggestions or tips of your own.