Build a ready-when-you-are content creation kit

Content creation kit

The Internet is happening all day every day. Your potential clients are scrolling through social media right now.

Constant fresh content creation is an essential part of a modern online marketing campaign. Your website, blog, newsletter list and social media channels are all constantly hungry for content.

It needs to be good, relevant content too.

Luckily there is a range of methods and fantastic tools to help with the content creation process. Otherwise, it can be a genuine pain in the backside.

Gathering an arsenal of content creation tools early on is your best friend. The following is a list of tools and methods we highly recommend.

A. Canva. Image and video tool.

Canva is absolutely brilliant. It's a web-based content creation tool that works brilliant on desktop and also on mobile phone.

Not as sophisticated as a full-blown app such as Photoshop but still an amazing content creation tool. Thousands of ready-to-edit designs, stock images, typography layouts, video capabilities, illustrations. The list goes on.

B. A Good Dictation App.

Typing text is difficult for many. Myself included. It's not the ability to type, it's more the ability to fluently flow some great content out. I personally start the same sentence over and over. I waste oodles of time when I try to type.

Using voice, on the other hand, brings a whole different angle. And with apps that can instantly convert your voice into text, as you speak, reeling off huge chunks of text has never been easier.

Of course, you need to fully understand your subject. A bullet point list is your friend.

But the absolute best thing about dictation apps is that the output can instantly be edited and punctuated using your mobile keyboard. This makes it a synch to create loads of content.

C. Feedly and aggregator sites.

No matter what industry you are in there is already somebody chatting about it online. There will be industry-specific news. Related industry news. And so on.

You can feed into this using aggregator sites such as Feedly. This provides daily inspiration for content. Sharing is part of the modern web. Don't be afraid to do it. You never know, that article from the page with 1,000,000 followers might just earn you a nod and a rush of traffic.

Content aggregator sites give you a constant source of content ideas. Utilise them. No matter who you are there will be days when you simply don't have the creativity or just cannot be arsed. It happens. Don't fret. Just make sure you have a well-organised source of inspiration.

D. Adobe Creative Cloud.

By far the most expensive option of all but also the best. By a country mile. Creative Cloud is a whole suite of industry-standard content creation tools.

Of course, any tool that is industry-standard tends to be complex. You don't get to be an industry leader by having a thin range of features. This ultimately means that most of the tools in the Adobe Creative cloud are not for the faint of heart.

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