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Content Marketing

Introduction to content marketing!

In 2020, one of your main priorities for digital marketing should be the creation and spreading of outstanding, top quality content. Content has always been king and continues to reign supreme.

Content marketing when done correctly can be one of the best ways to generate constant sources of highly targeted traffic to a website. And not just by its search engine optimization benefits. The simple act of creating great content and sharing it in the right places will bring a steady stream of well-targeted traffic.

The following guide will help you reduce wasted time by giving you a fantastic outline of content marketing.

First, let's start with a small overview of what content marketing actually is.

What content marketing actually is!

Content marketing is a sort of passive form of advertising.

Think you're reading a helpful guide written purely for the sake of being helpful? Of course, that's why we wrote this guide. But there is a second, much less important reason 🙄.

Let's be brutally honest.
Every section in our DIY guides cover a product or service that we (Shine Bright media Ltd) provide.

In turn, this means that every single person who comes to this guide needs our products or services on one level or another.

Most visitors to this guide will simply take the advice we offer here, act on it, or pass it along to someone who can. And that's fantastic, we're more than happy to help. 👍 But other visitors will contact us.

And they do.

This free marketing guide that we give out without any inward sales messages brings daily enquiries to our company. It brings more enquiries than AdWords ever did. It brings more enquiries than our social media lead-gen campaigns.

Genuinely highly targeted daily enquiries from a small page of content that doesn't even try to sell our products.

And best of all. We don't pay a single penny to advertise this guide. We don't need to. I can search around social media and in less than an hour find 20 conversations online of people looking for helpful advice regarding the various sections of this guide. Everyone an opportunity to be helpful and share a link. And some of those online conversations are getting thousands upon thousands of views a day.

And that's the basic premise of content marketing. If the quality is good and the information is either genuinely informative or entertaining it's a genuine case of "if you build it, they will come".

Some Great Content Marketing Strategies.

Content marketing is a massive subject and cannot be covered in its entirety in several books and courses, let alone this single section. That said, we do like to be as useful as possible so here is an overview of some of the more powerful content marketing techniques and strategies.

Make content that informs and gives without expectation.

If your content instantly starts selling your products and services then it is just an advert and will be treated with the same disdain. Content specifically created for content marketing should always give something away. Conversions are achieved by offering more!

Make the entire journey consistent.

Once you have a great bit of content to share, you will no doubt head off to social media and your other content sharing properties and start linking back. Always make sure your social media text is echoed on the landing page. Have a featured image for your content and use this as the social media graphic. This ensures a smooth transition from wherever they were to your page of content. The smoother this transition, the more likely your content will be successful.

Save the juicy bits for conversions.

A fairly common technique with content marketing is to create a killer piece of content and then only give a partial section of it away while offering the rest for a small act. Usually, this technique is used for building mail lists and it works a treat. An email address is a small price to pay for that top bit of information you desperately need.

Update and recycle content.

There are only so many times you can create a fresh page of content for the same subject or topic. No problem. Just add a few updated snippets of data to your content and suddenly you have a fresh campaign with the words "Revised For 2020" all over the content.

Repurpose content for various outlets.

So you have made a page of content that people love. It's doing really well. Fantastic. Now repurpose it. Turn it into a PDF and make it downloadable. Post it as a LinkedIn article. Make it a feature in your next newsletter. A single page o content can be used and reused in a myriad of ways.

If you're not corporate - DON'T BE CORPORATE!

This is one of those areas I always hit home with. Frank, the butcher, uses savoury language in his shop. He's quite outspoken politically and has a rep for speaking his mind. Yet his social media posts read like the sterile section of the fine print on the back page of a civil service document of doom. Be yourself. You don't need to be squeaky clean online if you're not like that in reality. Give people the reality.

In Summary.

Content marketing is, without a doubt, our preferred method of marketing. Content marketing is the epitome of everything that is good about the internet. It improves your website, your SEO, your online reputation and just about everything else you do online. After all "online" only exists because of content in the first place.

Content marketing is so important to us that we're creating an entirely new section of the guide specifically for it. We will be covering 7 main principles and offering them in full individual guides just like everything already here.

If you're interested in the rest of our content then please do bookmark us. Unfortuantely bookmarking is one of the few areas that has to be done manually. But we're sure you'll figure it out. Try CTRL+D 😉

Get out of the dark!

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