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Today we would like to start raising awareness about a huge change we’ll be introducing to the company from 1st October 2019. It’s a big one for us and is the kind of company change that some would say is bordering on stupid.

As of the 1st of October 2019 Shine Bright Media Ltd will no longer be taking any new clients from outside of the Fylde coast. Yes that’s right, we’re going to be cutting off about 95% of our current geographical demographic to completely commit the entirety of our efforts locally.

it is a gutsy move but one we are confident will pay off for both ourselves and our clients.

By keeping the range of our geographical service area to a minimum we are able to ensure the quality of our web services remains rock solid. As any of our clients will tell you, at Shine Bright Media, customer service is our main priority at all times.

This was one of the primary driving forces in creating the company in the 1st place. Almost every client of ours prior to – and since – Shine Bright Media was incorporated came to us with negative experience in one way or another. Most of it completely unnecessary. And what’s lacking that causes so many issues? Transparency!

Web designers, Internet marketers and, let’s face it, lots of people in IT tend to speak in riddles to the average layman.

We know that our client cannot guess that a “search engine optimization package” isn’t included with a website build. We know that some clients don’t even know that search engine optimization exists in the first place. We know our clients don’t know how long it takes to make a website start generating income.  We know our clients don’t know how big the climb is going to be to beat XYZ competitor. Why would they? And the fact is, if a designer or marketer isnt explaining all of this in close detail BEFORE accepting a penny off any client they are doing a disservice.

More than any of those things, we know our clients just want to know they are being looked after. Our clients just want transparency. Is the SEO having any effect? Are people visiting the site from Facebook? Is a business earning a profit from it’s online properties. Is there monthly margin of growth?

These are things that every client wants and every client gets with Shine Bright Media Ltd. Plain and simple reports of work done and the effect it has in achieving xyz goals.

We are your right hand man at the end of the phone. Complete transparency. No outsourcing. The person you speak to on the phone is the person doing the work. Full accountability. Just all round outstanding customer service.

This is why we are making the move to only supply our web services to companies based in Blackpool & The Fylde Coast. We simply take customer care so seriously we have to be physically close to provide it properly! 😀

There will be plenty more information on this over the next month and as we head towards October. If you are an existing customer from outside of the Fylde Coast, please don’t worry. Nothing changes at all for anything we have already set up. We want all clients to stay with as long as possible. We’re simply making this move for new clients moving forward.

Thanks for reading!

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About Us!


About Us!

Shine Bright Media is a Blackpool & Fylde enthusiast. We're highly involved in the Blackpool community and work tirelessly for our home town.

We are a husband and wife team and a Web Design Blackpool specialist. We also provide SEO and digital marketing services for a range of Fylde Coast brands and generated just under £30,000,000 for our clients in the last fiscal year.

We also provide our services on a voluntary level for not-for-profit causes around the Fylde Coast as much as humanly possible.

We're quite proud of that. 😊
If you would like to work with us please do contact us on 01253 894 639 or hit the green button to send us an email.


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