DIY vs In-house vs Professional Service

diy vs professional service

DIY vs Professional Service vs In House

This guide is put together by a business that sells all the services in this guide as complete web management packages. You would expect us to suggest you don’t try to do this yourself. But you’d be wrong.

Not every potential client that comes our way ends up an actual client. Our advice is often to send potential clients elsewhere. Sometimes, for a huge project, we advise a professional in-house solution. We’ll even help set it up. Every now and again we might face a client where a full management plan is an overkill and a better solution is just to help them get set up themselves.

Our experience is that there are 3 realistic options when it comes to approaching the internet from a business perspective. DIY vs Professional Service vs In House. 

1. The 100% DIY Approach.

Some business owners just like to get stuck in and do everything themselves. It can result in a success story and often does.

If this is the approach you want to take just brace yourself for a journey of learning curves, experimenting, and a lot of frustration.

That’s not meant to come across as a scare story. It’s just how it is. In our own company, we have a combined 30 years of experience yet we still dedicate 10 hours per week, per staff member to learning and keeping up with the changes in the internet. It’s completely unavoidable, we do that or we fall behind.

This guide will give you a lot of help and direction with your digital marketing efforts but it is critical that you aware of the workload coming up if you take the DIY approach.

Again, that isn’t to scare you. Most business owners know the struggle of setting up a business and gaining the critical momentum to keep it going and arent afraid of the process. All we’re pointing out here is that setting up an online web business is no different than a brick and mortar store. It takes genuine effort on a daily basis.

2. The In-House Web Department.

Sometimes, especially for larger companies, or companies with thousands of products, it is simply better to get the job done in-house. 

The absolute best way for any company to approach the internet is to have a full web design and marketing department constantly working for you. The problem, of course, is cost.

The national average wage for a web designer is £36,000. A qualified SEO specialist also averages another £36,000. £34,000 for an in-house social media marketer.

And then it all needs coordinating.
While this is always the absolute best way to approach your digital marketing it is also the most expensive route.

3. External Management Services.

That’s what we do. An external web management company can basically give you a virtual web and marketing department. The benefits are that this is much cheaper than building a physical department. As an example, our local management services cover everything in this guide on a daily basis for similar costs to adding a member of staff to your company. Thinking about that realistically, it’s a really great way to do things. If you knew there was a potential employee out there that could grow your business exponentially.

(By the way if you'd like us to give you a no-obligation quote just scroll down. We've included a short form for you. No telephone required we're not pushy sales folk.)

In summary.

When it comes to the question of “DIY vs Professional Service vs In House” The bottom line is each business will have to figure this out for themselves. We’ve seen the DIY approach work wonders. We’ve helped set-up in-house marketing departments that have transformed business. Then there is our own management service approach. Of course, we’re going to tell you that’s an amazing service. 😉

Whichever way you choose to go, it’s always best to look at it as a long-term commitment. There are genuinely no quick fixes with digital marketing. DIY vs Professional Service vs In House is a choice you will have to make for yourself. 

Get out of the dark!

We hope you like our guide. We provide everything in this entire guide in our all-in-one web management services. For a no-obligation quote just fill out the following short form. (No phone number required)

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