Don’t Create Ads. Create campaigns instead

Creating Marketing Campaigns

This is the single biggest mistake that almost everyone new to marketing makes. Creating-single-shot posts and standalone advertisements. This page might just get your on the road to efficient ad budget spend!

Campaigns work better than single-shot adverts simply because they follow through. To quickly express the point I’ll give an example of the two types of advert. 

1, The single-shot advert. 

You have a nice website and a few social media pages. You create a nice graphic that shows your best product or company tagline. You then create a nice social media post that links back to your website and viola. You possibly even boost it. 

You then sit back and watch your analytics software and wonder why you are getting 17 clicks per day at £1.70 per click. (Especially when Facebook predicts you’ll get 100 to 350 clicks per day). 

In almost all instances this one-shot advert strategy doesn’t work. Even worse, it is a single strategy used by many online marketers. 

The alternative? 

2, The Marketing Campaign!

The marketing campaign takes a completely different approach and consists of several parts. You start with a solid product or offer and whenever possible something free, create an outstanding website landing page and simply build outwards as far and wide as you can. (With a little strategy of course).

Yes, you do create a nice social media graphic, but you link it specifically to your landing page. You need to make sure the graphic and social media/marketing content compliments the presentation and message of the landing page. Consistency of style and message is crucial for a successful internet marketing campaign. 

You then create another graphic.
Maybe for a different social network.
Maybe to highlight a different angle of the product.
Maybe a full series of graphics highlighting great benefits.
Is that landing page worthy of a blog and company news post? 

That single-shot advert can create a whole little collection of great content.  

Have you created any urgency yet? 
A good campaign has an end date. An end date combined with a good voucher or limited use coupon can create urgency in your campaign. Not to mention another set of graphics for your content spreading campaign. 

And what about Google Ad or PPC campaigns? 
Good shoppers will see you on both social media and the search engines. If budget allows, a number 1 spot on Google that echoes your campaign can work wonders for reinforcement (see familiarity below). 

^^ This description is a little crude to say the least and I have purposely refrained from using terms such as “content marketing”. It does highlight the point nicely though. 

A single advert – from the point of view of a campaign – can easily become 50 separate bits of content ready to be scheduled and spread with increasing urgency while building familiarity and, quite simply being seen infinitely more than a single-shot advert. 

2 fantastic secrets behind the marketing campaign strategy! 

1, In a word, familiarity

As long as your product or service is solid, your pricing within accepted norms for its standard, your online content is good quality and genuinely consistent to your message and brand AND you put the work in required to ensure people see it. You should do OK. 

When people see your brand consistently and aren’t repulsed by your content a level of trust slowly builds without anything else needing to happen.  Familiarity is a powerful thing. 

2, Pleasant communication. 

I’m all for personal branding and being fully transparent on the web with your true personality. Swear if that’s how you are in your day-to-day communications off the web.

What you cant do, is be a wanker. 
Even the foulest mouth or the dryest humour needs to make sure they are courteous and welcoming to business communication on the web. Even those with massive followings can easily get tripped up by a single. 

When you post a campaign people are going to respond in various ways as publicly and freely as they please. Or they may message you privately. 

The more your campaign is non-human and full of plain advertising the more critical will be the response. On the other side The more human connection you can involve by providing either good info, humour or a healthy mixture of both the better the response will be. 

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