Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Shine Bright media LTD Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you will find reassuring information pertaining to things we find our customers want to know the most.  There is a chat box feature at the bottom of this page should you need to know something not already included on this page. 

Yes, we became limited in February 2017. For the first 18 months of incorporation, we worked exclusively with contract clients on and remained unavailable for new work. 

This changed in February 2018 when we decided a complete overhaul was required for the expansion of the company. Many changes were put into place and by June 2018 Shine Bright Media LTD had undergone a full company relaunch with a new, yet more traditional, working format. 

No. Absolutely not. It’s massively frowned upon for some very good reasons.

Outsourcing has become a de facto business model for many web design and web marketing companies in the UK.  In other words -many web design and marketing companies in the UK – aren’t actually web design companies at all. They are just middlemen companies that take full advantage of the ability to add a slice to some cheaper web service alternatives. 

Naturally, the problem with this business model is that work is fragmented. Standards aren’t fully under control. And the bottom line is cheap services – especially in the SEO and PPC industries, can have disastrous results. 

You can usually tell if you’re working with a middleman company with a few telltale signs. They very rarely answer technical questions – on the spot – and often support seems to have one reason or another why every bit of support will take a few days. Maybe even weeks. (Hint, they don’t know what to do and are hoping they can find the guy on that did the work in the first place.)

With Shine Bright media LTD you can rest assured the person you speak to on the phone is the person doing the work. During UK working hours support is instant and our 24/7 Emergency support wakes us up and gets us out of bed. 

In a word, Yes!
We provide results reports and ongoing progress reports for all clients. The frequency of our reporting is tailored to each client with our preferred method being “on-demand”. This basically gives our clients the ability to gain access to the data they require on an as and when basis. 

Due to its ease of use we use WordPress as standard. Of course, we can cater to any requirement but for 95% of our clients a WordPress website is more than enough to provide maximum online business results. 

No. Every website we develop is bespoke and to the clients current branding. We do use templating frameworks but each individual design is a unique template of its own designed from the ground up. 

First, we design and build the initial sitewide elements such as the header and footer. Then we create the reusable site areas (post template, page template, product template, category template, etc)

All our web design and management clients are free to use our servers. We never charge for hosting. That said, we don’t actually sell website hosting as a product either.

While not available as a paid service, the hosting we provide for our web design and website management clients is second to none. We never overcrowd our servers and keep them fully maintained ourselves. 

Our server support system is also second to none. All our clients benefit from our daily backup system and our 7-day emergency support system. 

Yes, we provide various guarantee and warranty policies. These vary between our products. Please refer to the finer details relating to each product or peruse our terms and conditions page for a general overview of our working policies, guarantees and warranty systems. 

We’re still undecided as to which direction we wish to take in relation to business premises. Currently, we work from a custom-built office to the rear of our residential home. 

The office is fully soundproofed and is the home of Shine Bright Media, and our various broadcasting and production products. 

Clients are always more than welcome to pop round however we do pre-warn that the offices are fairly intimate and small. 😀 

Our managing director sold his first professional website 18 years ago. Several hundred websites, millions in generated revenue and millions in managed ad spend later,,, we feel it’s safe to say there is a fair bit of experience in the company. And that’s just what Matt brings to the table.