Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t provide PPL or PRS licensing. The product setup fee and rolling management fees are purely for the building and managing of your radio station. 

That said we do provide full records of all music played into your store for your own PRS and PPL needs. We are also more than happy to offer as much advice and information to our clients as possible. 

While we do have a library of samples and sounds that we use to produce our jingles, every radio station we build is built from the ground up to the specifications of the client.

Our radio stations are provided on the provision that you (the client) may only use these radio stations in areas that are fully licenced for such playing of music.

We can provide website widgets however we must advise all clients that placing a radio widget on a website is considered public broadcast and requires a different licence that the standard on-premises licence that the majority of business premisses use. 

All being well your fully branded station will be up and running within 10 working days. The only thing that could possibly slow this down is the consultation period.

As soon as we receive any order we initiate the consultation period within 1 working day.

As soon as the client has completed the consultation period the radio station build can commence and the guaranteed turnaround time of 10 day starts.

We don’t hold any client to a contract. You are free to leave us whenever you choose. We even allow our clients to dip in-and-out of the radio service. very handy if your business premise is empty for any period during the year as is often the case for seasonal based businesses.

Once a radio is live the setup fee is fully non-refundable.

The client has every opportunity during the radio build process to change their mind. In the case of a client wishing to receive a refund before the radio station is live a 50% refund of the total setup fee may be available.

However – this is not guaranteed and is entirely at the discretion of the management and directors of BBR.

Usually a few minutes. Our official support is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and we have provisional support available in the evening via a ticketing system.

In the event of support being requested “out of hours” a messaging system is always available and we endeavour to come back to any client as soon as possible.

No. these are fully managed radio solutions. If you need a hosting solution that you manage yourself we do offer unmanaged hosting solutions however please note that we provide zero support outside of the actual running of the servers. Please only choose self-managed if you absolutely know what you are doing. 

Our stream are available to all clients upto 328 KBS. This is super HD audio. We provide each radio station with enough bandwidth to stream video. That said, we recommend most venues try streaming at lower bitrate. As an example 128 KBS is considered CD quality and is 400% less likely to buffer and stutter than 328 KBS. The performance upgrade is considerable while the audio quality still remains very high. 

We have various options for our clients. In some instances we may even be able to give your network a boost. Other options include building an in-house radio station that doesn’t rely on the internet. Of course in the event of none of these options being a possibility we are more than happy to do the right and generous thing if I client simply cannot receive our product to the very best standard.