Guide To Modern Search Engine Optimisation

Modern Search Engine Optimisation

What is modern search engine optimisation?

We're not going to get too deep into an overview of modern search engine optimisation because we've already done a nice little primer in our article "Search Engine Optimisation In 2020 and Beyond".

If you're not familiar with the basic concepts of SEO and what it actually is, we suggest a quick read of that article.

Otherwise, we're just going to crack right into the major concepts of modern SEO. Our goal is to give you the most concise overview of the steps, from front-to-back, required to be successful with Search Engine Optimisation.

Getting started with search engine optimisation?

In this guide, we are specifically talking about SEO in relation to your own actual web properties. This simply means your own website on your own domain and all the pages and content within it.

Of course, before we can go any further you're going to need a website with web pages and content. If you're not at that stage yet. We do have a helpful section outlining everything you need to get your website setup. 😉

This guide is (at the time of writing) is a genuinely simplistic guide to SEO that contains a lot of condense yet powerful advice. The processes outlined below fully illuminate all areas of modern SEO so anybody can move forward confident that time and budget is going to be put to best use.

If you've got your website, let's crack on with the next bit.
We'll break the page down into 7 subsections.

1. Keywords and Keyword Research.

Keywords are the root of all SEO. A keyword is a term that is used to search for something using a search engine. Example keywords may be,

"Blackpool discount vouchers".
"Hotels near St Annes golf course".
"Large Fathers Day Mug".

Every business, product or service will have a list of the keywords that people are most likely to use to search for your business, products or services.

For some business types, an entire keyword strategy can literally revolve around just a handful of keywords. At the other end of the spectrum some business work with hundreds of thousands of keywords.

To get started, let us just go for a modest list.
Keyword research begins with your own knowledge. Write down a list of 5 to 10 terms you think people would use to search for you or your products and services.

This list doesn't have to be perfect but it's a good place to start and gives us a springboard to now go and look a little deeper.

We'll look a little deeper using the Google keyword planner tool. It is a free tool that requires you have a free Google Ads account. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an account and there is absolutely no obligation to use any tools that require payment.

Anywho, assuming we now have our account open we can move onwards to the Google keyword planner.

This free tool gives you more than enough capability to research your keywords and actually see how many people are searching for your keywords on a monthly basis.

In turn, you can spend some time really developing a keyword strategy using this tool. There are many paid alternatives that can provide some brilliant timesavers but make no mistake, you can do absolutely fantastic keyword research with the official Google keyword planner tool without spending a penny.

The official, further reading on the Google keyword planner tool can be found here.

2. Setting Up The Basic SEO Tools.

Now we have a website and we have keywords. The idea is now to use our keywords to strategically bend our website into the ultimate representation of our keywords.

Luckily, there are some really good website integrations to make this process much easier. 2 of these tools we absolutely recommend every website owner should have are both free and both from the search giant itself.

These tools are Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

3. Getting Your Website SEO Fit.


4. How To Optimise A Single Web Page For A Single Keyword.


5. The Basics Of Spreading Your SEO Around.


6. Linkbuilding With Great Content.


7. Monitoring the whole thing!


In Summary!


Get out of the dark!

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Any suggestions?

This guide is a constant work in progress and we welcome any suggestions or tips of your own.