Digital Marketing Foundations. An Overview.

The Foundations Of Digital Marketing. An Overview

If you're just getting started - or to date have had little success - with the internet and digital marketing then the "Foundations" section of this Digital Marketing Guide is going to be invaluable to you. This section will stop you making the same mistakes that nearly all beginners to the digital business world make.

Foundations are preparation. We advise that any company dedicate as much time as possible to developing the foundations before actually starting any public marketing at all. Naturally, some businesses will want to just dive straight in. That's fine but if you absolutely must start marketing before you have the foundations in place, at least make sure this section is on your to-do list.

The reason is very plain.
The stronger your foundations the better your day to day marketing and campaigns will be. The more successful your digital marketing efforts will be overall. You can, and will constantly tweak your foundations but getting this right before you start will save a lot of backpedalling.

Get to know your digital marketing landscape

How strong are you today? How strong are your competitors? What's the gap between you and them? Where are your customers and potential clients hanging around? Which keywords should you be using to catch the most traffic? This page will help you find out.

Create buyer personas and make friends with them

Your buyer personas are your ultimate customers. They are the blueprint of the person that your products and services are most suited to. Get to know them and they will give you all sorts of direction and advice for your marketing efforts.

Get your website correct and in tip-top shape

It doesn't matter if you have your own website, a Wix website or an eBay shop. It doesn't matter if you primarily work on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest. What does matter is that all your web properties are consistent and correct.

Working With On-Page Conversion Strategies

Conversion strategies can do a lot for you in a very short time. Using split-test techniques you can fine-tune your conversion rates to make sure you are getting the absolute maximum out of your website traffic.

The Quick Guide To Social Media Setup.

The better your social network is set up before you start marketing the easier the whole process is. This part of the guide will go over the major social networks to give you an idea of how each is used and if it is right for your particular needs. (The answer is yes!)

Build a content hub and distribution centre

Having a blog bolted onto a website is always a brilliant idea. We're not talking about blogging in the blogosphere here, we're talking about a chronological news center for your business. Complete with a multitude of social sharing options. Your very own content hub.

Build a ready-when-you-are content creation kit

The last step in the foundations is simply to be prepared as best as possible for the ongoing routine that is about to start. A really good content creation kit will be your best friend and make your life so much easier. Luckily we've got you covered.

Get out of the dark!

We hope you like our guide. We provide everything in this entire guide in our all-in-one web management services. For a no-obligation quote just fill out the following short form. (No phone number required)

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Any suggestions?

This guide is a constant work in progress and we welcome any suggestions or tips of your own.