New Revised Internet Marketing Guides.

At around the same time Coronavirus kicked-in our Internet Marketing Guide was just about being launched. Unfortunate timing but we have to do the best we can. At the time our marketing guides we’re largely placed on the shelf and away from progress as we – and just about everyone else – figured out how to deal with the looming crisis and uncertainty of a locked-down business future.

Several months later and we’re all finally hoping to get at least the first steps back to normality underway.

As a marketing company that freely gives out advice we feel it is a duty to ensure that advice is up-to-date. And let’s face it, over the last 3 months (The UK is 3 months into lockdown at the time of writing) we – as a country – have changed our financial and economic landscape quite a bit.

Our guide naturally needed updating.

We have gone through each page our internet marketing guide to make sure it is up to date and giving out good advice to the best of our knowledge. Even better – we feel – is the new addition of our “The Post Lockdown Internet Business Kick Start Guide” guide specifically sharing what we feel will have the most benefit for you and your business over the coming months and years.

As well as adding new content we have decided to simplify the guide into 9 main sections from it’s original 27. This is purely an act of condensing the content and we don’t feel anything crucially important has been lost. We believe the guide’s original 27,000-word count is now down to around 10,000. Still quite a read, but much more palatable for the average reader.

The guide home-page has 9 simple, large colourful cions to represent the 9 sections. We hope you find the new format simple. And don’t forget, the guides are not meant to be step-by-step instructions or how-to style articles. The guides we provide are there to give you the fundamental understanding required to make rock-solid decisions in your internet marketing.

We embrace the DIY approach that many of our clients choose to take. These guides simply cover the most common questions and untangle the most common knots in the learning process. The DIY approach to internet marketing can work absolute wonders. We’ve seen business owners self-generate multi million turnovers using nothing but the internet and a good focused mind.

We are always happy to help in any areas when our clients choose this approach. We also welcome each management project with gusto too. We love working with people.

You can catch the guide home page here!
We hope you find good use for it!

Matty and Anne-Marie.

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