Our 100% Success Guarantee Policy

We’re more than confident in our products which is why all our ongoing SEO and social marketing plans come with a full guarantee that if all estimated targets are not met then we carry on working for free until the job is done.

Please note this is not a money back guarantee.

Our SEO is genuine white-hat SEO and utilizes the very latest in modern SEO techniques. If for any reason a project falls behind schedule it is usually because of unforeseen blocks in the road. This is quite common in SEO. We don’t believe it is fair to charge customers extra to cover hickups and the natural unpredictability of SEO we also don’t feel it is our place to be penalized either.

The fairest route forward is to simply carry on to meet the goal. Everyone wins. We don’t take a financial loss and the customer gets the promised traffic – and in turn, business that was promised in the first place.

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