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SEO : Search Engine Optimisation is possibly the most direct way to succeed with the internet. Our SEO packages will propel any business to the top of the search engines using nothing but 100% white hat search engine optimisation technique

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Our SEO Plans

Search Engine Optimisation plans.Completely white hat and fully compliant with all Google standards!

1 Month Link

Quick Website Ranking Boost
  • 10 x TFN15+ PBN
  • 8000 Scial Signals
  • 20 Social Posts
  • 100 Social Bookmarks
  • 1000 Web 2.0 Posts

Local Plan

Become A Well Known Local Brand
  • 10 Master Keyphrases
  • 20 Sub Keyphrases
  • Ongoing On Page SEO
  • Google Business
  • Ongoing Link Building
  • Constant Traffic Growth
  • Weekly Reports
Limited Sale

eCommerce Plan

Become A Well Known Local Brand
  • 20 Master Keyphrases
  • 40 Sub Keyphrases
  • Ongoing On Page SEO
  • Google Business
  • Ongoing Link Building
  • Constant Traffic Growth
  • Weekly Reports
Limited Sale

6 Month Link

Huge Website Traffic Growth
  • 10 x TFN15+ PBN x 6
  • 8000 Social Signals x 6
  • 20 Social Posts x 6
  • 100 Social Bookmarks x 6
  • 1000 Web 2.0 Posts x 6

About Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation gets you highly targeted website traffic. It’s one of the best online marketing techniques out there. Somehow, search engine optimisation in 2018 has become a largely neglected area of internet marketing. The buzz of social has drowned it out a bit.

But that’s good news for you. It’s something you can cash in on. Do you want to know exactly how much extra targeted traffic you could be getting? Just tell us your domain name and your top 10 keywords with the short form on the right at the bottom of this page and we’ll give you a full free report. It’s proper interesting stuff!

An overview of Search Engine Optimisation.

For those visiting this page with any uncertainty please read on and let us explain to you exactly what search engine optimisation is and how it works and effects the modern internet.

Search engine optimisation is the skill of optimising website content to get free web traffic.
Otherwise known as SEO, search engine optimisation is one of the most traditional ways to get free traffic to a website.

SEO is one of the oldest traffic acquisition paths in the history of the internet and remains – when done right – a force to be reckoned with. In 2018 SEO reaches beyond well crafted web pages and search engine results. It now thrives through the social media landscape and even into the various forms of online advertising. SEO is everywhere but it’s a whole new animal.

On page Search Engine Optimisation.

On page SEO is the type of SEO that is done on your actual website and web properties. It is the art of making sure a desired web page, or piece of web content is shown when a certain term is searched for. Someone goes to Google. Searches for “Plumber Blackpool” and the best pages show up. Good SEO gets those first place results. Without good SEO you won’t be seen. (Unless you pay for it.)

On page SEO is a healthy mixture of well crafted, keyword driven, meta and sales copy.  Keywords are discerned by research and competitive analysis and the end result is highly targeted web traffic, seeing your products and services. Good on-page SEO can take your content and get the right people in front of it.

SEO vs Adwords and other online advertising.

Many people, for whatever reason, often choose between SEO and paid digital advertising. After all SEO does have an initial – or ongoing – cost and many people prefer a single way to utilise their ad budget to maximise results.

There could be a genuine titanic clash between SEO and paid advertising but we feel ultimately SEO is the bigger player and should be taken the most seriously. This is simply because good SEO is the underlying factor to the success of all other forms of internet based movement. Almost all algorithms take their cues from keywords and link structure and SEO is at the heart.


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