Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation – aka getting found on Google – is an amazing form of marketing that requires research, strategy and time. Done right SEO gives a business a constant stream of highly targeted website traffic.

Website Management Packs cover all marketing and SEO. Targets to be agreed upon initial consultation. NOTE: Multilingual solutions may pose individual challenges not within the scope of a management plan. Please give us a call to disucss your requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

To say Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has changed a lot in recent years would be an understatement. SEO used to involve adding keywords to content, anchor text, basic meta followed up by a spammy link building campaign. And that was basically it. Job done!

Not any more. Now if you want to get the top spot in the organic results and to claim the new data features in search results, every single part of your website and online content should have your deepest SEO strategies running through them. 

A proper, modern SEO campaign starts with keyword research, looking deep into current Google ranks and the best web pages behind the listings.

SEO is no longer a product that can be done to a website via titles tags, meta tags and meta descriptions. Sure, that all still exists, but modern SEO is an integral part of the entire website and of the content creation strategy in all areas. It could possibly be renamed to Search Engine Marketing. Modern SEO refers to much more than ever before.

SEO is also mobile-friendly. Mobile search accounts for such a high number of search queries so every page on your site must work fast and cater to mobile. Mobile-friendliness is officially a huge ranking factor.

You could talk about the recent changes in SEO forever. In short, SEO has become synonymous with digital marketing itself. If it isn’t a major part of your overall digital marketing strategy, it should be.

Its a process, not a product

Search Engine Optimisation Principles

Too many companies split SEO into a range of individual products with varying price tags. We feel, while great for sales, this isn't conductive to long term success. A proper well orchestrated SEO campaign uses whichever technique is right for the next step. Every SEO campaign we undertake utilises the full range of SEO strategy as and when needed.

Keyword Research

Great targets (high traffic / low competition) are hidden away. Good keyword research is the first step with all SEO.

Competitor Research

Research tools give amazing insight into the past and provide full SEO blueprints for akready proven optimisation formulas.

Long-Tail Strategy

At the beginning of SEO, most sites simply aren't strong enough to try and lift the specific keyword. Long tail to the rescue.

On-Page Optimisation

When you know your phrases you can begin to carve and SEO map into your website. With clever strategy this is the oil that moves things along.

Site Speed

Almost as important as on-page SEO is a websites page speed. All the SEO in the world is for nothing if your site is running slow.

Authority Building

Maunual outreach creates a natural link network that flows back to you original site. This is the right way to do organic link building.

Analytics Reporting

We keep an eye on analytics and condense the main information into a weekly digest. This is then complimented by our SEMrush report.

SEMrush Reporting

The SEMrush report differs from the Google report in that is shines a bit more light on the nitty gritty of actual SEO.

Guest Blogging

While not the powerhouse it once was guest blogging still has a lot to offer the SEO sphere and still deserves respect and time.

The Inevitability Of Organic SEO

It isn’t surprising that we’ve got here. Google has always strived to show the best content any given search based on its genuine quality and merit. This is always been the whole philosophy behind the organic reward of SEO.

Up until fairly recently, search engine optimisation was mainly a mechanical thing. a series of techniques implemented in a rinse-and-repeat fashion to gain the desired result.

Now content must be naturally great. Good content IS good SEO.

You could actually compare a good SEO strategy with a good business strategy. Good SEO is all about putting your best foot forward in such a way people who see your content either want your product or want to share it with their friends

That might sound a lot like social marketing. But that’s exactly what we’re saying. SEO has become so advanced that it actually is at the point where it KNOWS which content is genuinely great.

Modern SEO Services You Can Trust

Here at Shine Bright Media Ltd we understand every single modern search engine optimisation technique from microdata to Rich snippets to schema and JSON and we can craft the perfect search engine optimisation campaign for any business.

We provide search engine optimisation services at the local level by providing full Google business listing management along with full citation SEO to help propel you to the top of local search. 

We also provide national search engine optimisation campaigns and have over a decade of experience managing and maintaining SEO campaigns multi-million businesses and globally known brands. 

If we get it wrong. if we promise to hit a target and we fall short we promise to carry on working for free until all goals are met.

This means that our SEO services will always be an asset in the end because we never stop until you recruit a decent ROI. And that is a guarantee.

Shine Bright Media is one of the only companies confident enough to offer any kind of guarantee on SEO. 

SEO Services For Every Need

We provide three main levels of search engine optimisation.  this is based on geographic location starting with local SEO campaigns moving inti national SEO campaigns and finally up to Global search engine optimisation campaigns.

If you feel you may have a niche or requirements that don’t quite fit into our main campaign models feel free to give us a call on 01253 894639 from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we will be more than happy to help. 

No Obligation Quote!

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) packages are tailored to each client or project. For a no-obligation quote simply fill out this short form. No telephone number required 😉

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