The Fundamental Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation – aka getting found on Google – is an amazing form of marketing that requires research, strategy and time. Done right SEO gives a business a constant stream of highly targeted website traffic.

Our Super Simple SEO Plans

Full SEO Campaign : Retainer

Why over complicate SEO? Fragmentation is usually the reason SEO fails. Our approach is to oversee all aspects of SEO as a whole while utilising research strategy to ensure every step we take is the right one. 


£ 640 00
Per Calendar Month
  • Full SEO Campaign
  • 100% White Hat


£ 1600 00
Per Calendar Month
  • Full SEO Campaign
  • 100% White hat


£ 4400
Per Calendar Mionth
  • Full SEO Campaign
  • 100% White Hat

Whats with all this retainer nonsense?

SEO is a process that cannot be quantified into a set price.  There are various areas that affect SEO and the next job in hand is whatever needs to be done next until the goal is reached. Scroll down for a full overview of the main principles of SEO. Our full SEO plans utilise all these principles and every step is determined by research and strategy. 

Its a process, not a product

Search Engine Optimisation Principles

Too many companies split SEO into a range of individual products with varying price tags. We feel, while great for sales, this isn't conductive to long term success. A proper well orchestrated SEO campaign uses whichever technique is right for the next step. Every SEO campaign we undertake utilises the full range of SEO strategy as and when needed.

Keyword Research

Great targets (high traffic / low competition) are hidden away. Good keyword research is the first step with all SEO.

Competitor Research

Research tools give amazing insight into the past and provide full SEO blueprints for akready proven optimisation formulas.

Long-Tail Strategy

At the beginning of SEO, most sites simply aren't strong enough to try and lift the specific keyword. Long tail to the rescue.

On-Page Optimisation

When you know your phrases you can begin to carve and SEO map into your website. With clever strategy this is the oil that moves things along.

Site Speed

Almost as important as on-page SEO is a websites page speed. All the SEO in the world is for nothing if your site is running slow.

Authority Building

Maunual outreach creates a natural link network that flows back to you original site. This is the right way to do organic link building.

Analytics Reporting

We keep an eye on analytics and condense the main information into a weekly digest. This is then complimented by our SEMrush report.

SEMrush Reporting

The SEMrush report differs from the Google report in that is shines a bit more light on the nitty gritty of actual SEO.

Guest Blogging

While not the powerhouse it once was guest blogging still has a lot to offer the SEO sphere and still deserves respect and time.


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