Shine Bright Media : The Upgrade!

It’s always nice to make improvements to our products, services or customer care system but today we are proud to be able to announce a full upgrade to the entire Shine Bright Media LTD arsenal. We’ve upgraded our products, our brand, our website, our customer care system and just about everything else we do.

Planning began for this upgrade right at the inception of Shine Bright Media back in February of 2017. We knew right at the start that our goal was to create more than just a website design and marketing company. We wanted Shine Bright Media LTD to be an example of the next generation of web companies. A company that removes all the fragmentation of web services and brings the entire gamut of web service together in a simple and intuitive manner.

Well, after 2 years official trading and – let’s be honest – successful growth we are proud to officially announce the full realisation of our original company plans and goals. Shine Bright Media LTD is now your official 100%, self contained website management company. We’re a taste of the future.

The Web Design Upgrade!

We’re introducing a new, and very simple range of 3 website packages that cater to 99% of business needs. The focus here is on simplicity and we’ve tried to make sure that choosing the right solution is as easy as possible no matter what your level with the web.

We still provide custom solutions for the rare case that one of our packages doesnt fit the bill but for those that do fit the bill, our new system has been built and designed to automate a lot of the repetitive legwork (account setup, hosting setup etc etc) and allows us to offer our top level products at fast food speed and concentrate our time on our actual skills (design and marketing).

The Web Hosting Upgrade!

Our web hosting has always just been a bolt-on affair for our design clients. We’ve never really ventured into full blown web hosting as a product or service. Thanks to WHMCS that changes today and we can now offer – right here through the website – the full range of hosting services the way we feel is best for our clients.

Our hosting is second to none. We have made a choice to neve crowd our servers and make sure every account using our services benefits from an unusually generous amount of care and attention. Most web hosts are production-line style cash cows. We’re different. We are primarily a design and marketing company and our clients websites really matter to us. Web hosting with Shine Bright Media LTD is next level web hosting you can really trust.

The SEO Upgrade!

The biggest change to our Search Engine Optimisation services is our new GLOBAL scope. That’s right we are now offering full global SEO plans along with global marketing plans. Multilingual website options and full global total website management plans.

We have always seen SEO as the foundation and staple of all internet marketing. Every website and search engine on the planet, in some way, works to the rules of SEO. We know that good mastery of SEO can make all the difference to a companies success online.

Another addition and upgrade to our SEO services is our monthly and 6 monthly outreach plans. This is basically white hat link building done right and to the standards as set by the people who give us the traffic : Google. .

The Customer Service Upgrade!

As a small company with very few clients, it is easy to keep on top of everything with very simple communication. With growth however comes complexity. This has veered towards building a brand new customer support portal and ticketing system.

As of today our new customer service experience is second to none. While we understand a few of our customer prefer having us on the end of the phone, it’s genuinely bad for project management. Quite simply, main points can easily become confused via phone. Our new ticketing system will ensure that all communications and customer support are permanently logged. With better organisation comes better results.

The Brand Upgrade!

During the process of upgrading,,,,,, everything, we decided it might be a good time to rebrand too. So we have!

A few of you will know our branding for the last 2 years has been a laser bright mixture of dark and charcoal colours mixed with a crazy splash of bright lime green. The website has always looked awesome in its high vis splash of citrus on black but we couldn’t help but feel a natural maturing has happened over the last 2 years that should be reflected in our brand. We call it :-


The lime green has been replaced with a more easy going champagne and our entire online branding has been upgraded and launched today. Overall we have a much more relaxed and mature focus that we feel perfectly suits our attitude with our clients as well as the overall maturity of our company.

Now that’s an UPGRADE!!!

So there we have it!
We haven’t just added a few new bits and bobs here and there in the hope to make a new sales pitch – we’ve pretty much rebuilt the entire company from the ground up. We’re the same caring designers and marketers that thrive on looking after our customers – we’ve just taken the steps necessary to make sure we can do that job better than ever.

We would like to take a second to give HUGE thanks to our customers through our first two years of trading. We walked into this without a shred of business management know how so the last two years has been a steep learning curve in many areas outside of our normal design and marketing learning curves.

We’re two years in finally starting to feel like we’re an established company that can really compete with the best in the business. The good news is, we will always keep ourselves humble. As long as we make sure the quality of our product and the quality of our customer care is second to none; and make sure growth and profit are only considered after quality – we can’t go wrong.

Here’s to the last two years and here’s to many more to come.
Matt & Anne-Marie. Directors. Shine Bright Media LTD.

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About Us!


About Us!

Shine Bright Media is a Blackpool & Fylde enthusiast. We're highly involved in the Blackpool community and work tirelessly for our home town.

We are a husband and wife team and a Web Design Blackpool specialist. We also provide SEO and digital marketing services for a range of Fylde Coast brands and generated just under £30,000,000 for our clients in the last fiscal year.

We also provide our services on a voluntary level for not-for-profit causes around the Fylde Coast as much as humanly possible.

We're quite proud of that. 😊
If you would like to work with us please do contact us on 01253 894 639 or hit the green button to send us an email.


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