A beautiful branded website

Single Page Brochure Website

Perfect for the small local business that simply needs a point of reference online. Makes a fantastic independent sales landing page. Includes hosting and domain. 

Standard website package features
  • Fully bespoke website to your company branding and theme
  • SEO friendly with company schema included as standard.
  • Full SSL secure hosting as standard if required. (Superfast dedicated servers)
  • Fully responsive to work fast and fluidly no matter what device or screen size.
Deal Breakers!
  • Local Schema and Google local map submission and optimisation. Normally £480
  • The Shine Bright Media Personal Touch. Direct contact with all designers and SEO's.
  • Free Super Secure & Speedy Hosting. Let us do the technical legwork for you.

Single Page Brochure Website Product overview

A single page website tends to have a single job to do. Get people in touch! Done correctly a single page website is sculpted journey that brings a user through to a call-to-action. Our demo website highlights this perfectly. We've even customised the site to do the job explaining itself. We're quite chuffed with it. 😀

Based On WordPress

Our single page brochure website are based on the WordPress CMS. This makes it the simplest solution for editing. Thats an advantage for ourselves and our clients; especially considering our clients are free to edit their websites. Mess something up? Just use the WordPress "revisions" feature to roll back a few 'saves'. No problem.

WordPress powers a large percentage of the internet for good reason. We love it, we swear by it, our customer guarantees insure it!

Hosted on Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers come in with a hefty price tag - we know, we have several. All our client websites since 2019 are hosted on our dedicated servers at no extra cost. Dedicated servers often host hundreds of VPS accounts which in turn host hundreds of websites each.

It isnt uncommon to see dedicated servers perform perfectly well with tens of thousands of websites running away. Our dedicated servers never host more than 10 management client websites each. That ensures serious performence under any stress!

Them there do be our personal DNSessess nameserverthingymabobs them do be! Feel free n all!

More Detailed Overview

WordPress powers a large percentage of the internet for good reason. We love it, we swear by it, our customer guarantees insure it!

Animated Website

A beautiful and functional HTML5 Animated Single Page Brochure bespoke website.

Domain Registration

Standard priced domain included with website signup. Domains registered in the customers name.

Scheduled Backups

Backups with duplicate local storage ensure your website is always ready for relaunch should anything bad happen

Peace Of Mind

Our website customer care is second to none. Your website is running to top speed on well maintained servers

Superfast Website Build Process

All projects begin with a simple online consultation and content collection process. Once this process is complete we aim to delivery a fully working proof of concept within 3 working days.

Once a client is hapy with a proof-of-concept website draft we can usually have a website live within a matter of hours.

Whats NOT Covered?

Without being negative - it's important to define what isn't included in any given package. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction.  We find this much easier when an expectation is realistically agreed between both parties.

The basic website management package provides peace of mind that your website is always backed up and running to its best ability. Please note the ongoing customer care is an administration package and does not cover on-site content update or website expansions or upgrades. Please see our full website management plans if you would like us to take care of your entire website efforts.

Search Engine Optimisation!

It is important to make the distinction between an SEO ready website and the separate product with the same name.

All our websites are built with SEO in mind. Your brand and product or service determines the key-phrases and search terms we will optimise your website for. As a starting point, our websites come with a very high level of SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is also a separate product. The challenges in any given SEO project are completely individual to the goal in mind. Of course, top search results in Google and Bing - but also top results in the search engines for the right search terms.  Long-term SEO can be the life-blood of any business when done properly.

Quick Contact

We know from experience that very few clients know exactly what kind of website will work best for their particular business. If that’s you, ask us anything using the quick form below. We’re no salespeople and will just reply with an honest down-to-earth proposal.

DO IT!!!!!

Single Page Brochure Website 2

Online Demo

Don't just take our word for it that our single page site is well worth it's weight in gold. Go and view the demo by clicking this.


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