Social Media Marketing

Harness the potential income from Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn and More. Social Media builds reputation, brand awareness and direct income.

All areas of Social Media Marketing taken care of.

Community Building.

Social media builds a community around your business.

PPC Advertising.

Social media allows highly targeted advertising direct to those who love your products.

Daily Content.

Daily manual social media posting with fresh daily content.

Reputation Building.

Social media is one of the strongest reputation building platforms in internet marketing.

Monthly Growth Reports.

We provide in-depth monthly reports showing all social media stats and growth.

Brand Building.

Constantly stregthen your brand with all work completed fully branded.

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Blackpool Social Media marketing

If you need Social Media Marketing in Blackpool & The Fylde Coast you have come to the right place. Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management is arguably the number one form of paid digital marketing in 2019.

Each Social Media Marketing plan we provide starts with full industry research to create the strongest network for your specific needs. We then use our extensive skill set in the following areas to provide constant social media growth.

Rather than aiming down the rather pointless path of playing the social media numbers game, we instead aim for social media engagement. This is the right way to grow a solid network that is actually active. This route also builds loyal trust which is essential for online sales and brand reputation.

We also highly recommend our bespoke website design services if you require the complete picture. Many times your website is the end of your sales funnel and the tool responsible for generating maximum conversions.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook for business.

Facebook is actively the number one business social media channel.  many think LinkedIn would take this crown sheer size of Facebook make it very hard to beat.

Various strategies are available when running Facebook campaigns.  from blatant numbers game viral campaigns to highly targeted brand ambassador campaigns,  the range of Facebook marketing techniques is a huge subject in and of itself.

Shine bright Media we use our deep research tools find the best route forward for any particular product brand or service.

We are able to Laser target any marketing campaign across the Facebook social network to ensure maximum results for our clients.

Twitter for business.

Twitter is seen more of a news outlet delete,  Twitter has been removed from the social media category in the news category.

This is quite substantial.  Twitter is now seen more like a Blog outlet to inform customers and relations of company news.  while still a huge aspect of social media marketing,  Twitter has a range of nuances quite unlike the other social networks.

Shine bright Media we can ensure your business gets the most out of the Twitter news outlet.

Instagram for business.

Instagram is the king of social media in 2019.  the simplicity of the network makes it an attractive proposal we're just about everybody.

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