Online Takeout Order System

If you deliver food you need a reliable online takeout order system. Our takeout order and delivery system is perfect for any business that delivers hot food.  

  • Pay Zero Comissions outside of your standard payment gateway fees.
  • Accept payment by card or cash on delivery.
  • Accept PayPal payments and get a distinct advantage!
  • Fully bespoke web design to your branding and specificatons
  • World-class web design and website development standards online in as little as 4 weeks
  • One time fee. No commissions!
  • Accept PayPal : a distinct advantage!
  • Accept card or cash on delivery.
  • Conversion strategy included
  • Marketing Guides & Support
  • Fully bespoke website

Online Takeout Order System Purchase


Includes 5 Extra Pages


10 Day Turnaround

Then £12 pcm hosting (Optional)

  • Full Menu Plus Extras
  • Customer Control Including Ban
  • Five Page Website +
  • 10 Day Turnaround
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Unique Bespoke Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • WordPress Admin Area
  • Local SEO Optimisation
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Full Support System

The Online Takeout Order System can be purchased with or without hosting. Our hosting packages come with cPanel, Softaculous and Auto SSL as standard. 

Online Takeout Order System Features

No Commissions

Your online order system is yours. No additional commission fees. Just the normal fees of your own payment gateway.

Paypal, Card or Cash

Get paid your way. PayPal earns more sales than any other method. Just ask dominos. In-built and optional as standard.

Coupons & Specials

Create as many coupons and discounts as you require. Brilliant for social marketing and generating repeat custom.

Easily Ban Customers

Easily BAN unruly or awkward customers with a simple email address ban system. You control your customer base.

Easy To Edit

Based on WordPress. Log in and edit, add or delete content in seconds. Or simply ask us to edit your menus for you 😉


Your customers can order before you open and specify a delivery time for later on. Never miss an opportunity again.

SSL Secure Hosting

We keep your website and order system on the fastest and most secure servers with SSL installed and managed as standard.

Fully Branded

Your website is fully customised to your brand and specifications. Better than that, we do it all and get it online in 10 working days.

Social Integration

Social media works wonders for local takeaway services. We will seamlessly hook up your website to your social properties.


As soon as we receive your order we start putting your superfast server together. 


All we need is your menu, logo and branding and your fully branded website is delivered for proof within 5 working days. Once you come back to us with your amendments and edits we can then get your website live within a further 5 working days. 

If WE take more than 10 working days we give you £100 instant cashback off the price of the online order system. 

Simple to use and get going.

The notification system that comes with your order system is fully responsive to work on any device you prefer. Whether it be a desktop PC, Wall-mounted Tablet, MAC or even just your mobile phone, your order system will work a treat with nice loud notifications.

20 Years Of Know How At Your Disposal!

We are on-hand with the very best customer support. We ensure every single one of our clients is well taken care of. We are a web business specialist with over 20 years of experience working in many different areas. We are professional, fast and very good at what we do. In the last fiscal year alone our clients generated over £29,000,000 through direct website sales. (And we genuinely don’t have that many clients).

We look forward to working with you and helping you work towards the most profitable online delivery service you can possibly be.

It all starts with a simple purchase. 


Marketing Guides

Our customer service is second to none. We also provide outstanding support to help our clients get the most out of their online food ordering systems. The following will give you an overview of the kind of guides we provide and of course every customer has full access to our live support ticketing system.

We don’t mess about and strive to get every customer online fast and with the minimum of fuss.

Once you place an order with us you will instantly receive an email outlining the next, very simple steps.

We provide a secure online form – or postal address – for you to send us all the details we require to get your order system working. And it is genuinely simple.

All we need is your menu, logo and branding. You can also provide any other information such as an “about us” section of text. Any photos and just about anything else you want on your brand new order system website.

Once we have your information we get your full system to you for approval in 5 working days. Sometimes even less.

At this point your order system is fully branded and ready to go. If you are happy with your system it will be online within 1 working day from you letting us know you are happy to go live.

Alternatively, if you want any amendments and changes, just let us know and we get it sorted within a couple more working days.

Very rarely does a complete build take more than 10 working days. Once ready we can host the site for you and register your domain or we can put the site on your existing hosting if you already have one setup. And yes, we can integrate this system with any website you may already have if that is a requirement.

And then what?

You start sharing your order system with your potential customers and watch the orders start to flow. 😁

Our after care service is second to none so don’t worry. Once your order system is ready to go we help you every step of the way until you are happy, fully setup and receiving your regular orders.

We never leave a customer wondering what the next step is so you can rest assured the journey from initial order to successful online takeaway is a path we walk with you.

It can’t be denied that JustEat is an easy source of traffic for people wanting your delicious offerings.

If it wasn’t for the commissions you have to pay it would be the perfect way to promote your delivery service. Unfortunately the cost per order is so high that you have to make a decision to either sell your wares at inflated prices, or take the knock yourself and lose profits.

The ongoing costs of Just Eat are the number one reason so many food delivery services are opting for their own order systems.

So how do you get the traffic from just eat onto your website?

The truth is that middleman food delivery services will always have deeper pockets than any local business. They will always attract traffic beyond the normal scope of any smaller locised business.

But that’s not a bad thing. OK yes, Just Eat may well cause you to put your prices up. But you can take advantage of that.

Nearly all food delivery services pop a menu in the delivery bag. This is your perfect opportunity to let your customers know they can get your tasty offerings on your website for less.

You could even pop a personalised note letting the customer know exactly how much cheaper the EXACT order would have been if ordered through the website. Something along the lines of

“Hi there. Thank you for ordering with us. We hope you enjoy your meal. Did you know we have our own website where you can get the same for less. This specific order would have been £XX.XX though our website. That’s a saving of £X.XX”

If there is one thing that motivates people, it’s saving money.

You could even go a step further and offer a 1st time user discount. How about “Not only is our website cheaper overall, here’s 20% off your first order at our website.”

It is very easy to give people the incentive to use your online order system rather than the big players in the online order world. And the more that come over to your website, the less fees you pay to just eat.

Some takeout choose to stop using JustEat altogether but the fact is it can be a great way to gain new customers who maybe otherwise wouldn’t have heard about you.

One of the reasons Dominos online orders are so popular in the UK is the simple fact they allow payments through PayPal.

PayPal is the world’s most popular payment gateway with very good reason.

It makes it very easy to make online purchases without ever needing to actually use or dish out credit or debit card details. Nearly anyone who has a PayPal account (Hint: it’s nearly everyone) will choose it as an online payment method over credit or debit card.

PayPal fees are also very acceptable. Currently at 3% at the time of writing. This is way under the 14% you pay to a certain other online food order system and puts a full 11% back in your pocket.

There is one mythical downside to PayPal however. Or at least there was.


There is a big myth that PayPal gives money back to anyone who asks for a refund. It’s actually a load of nonsense. Sure if you’re using eBay there are a myriad of reasons a refund may be given to a customer. But for a PayPal sale through a non-eBay website its a different story.

The customer has to go through a dispute system that can take weeks. Even then PayPal doesn’t just make a decision. It contacts you first and let’s you try to come to an agreement with the customer. If you can’t, PayPal will review the order and the communication between you and the customer. Its not a simple process.

Sure refunds are a possibility. But the PayPal system is robust enough that you shouldn’t worry. A customer would have to have a genuine problem to go through all those hoops for a refund. There’s more chance of JustEat giving a refund than PayPal.

And if you do have to give a refund?

Dont worry. You can just block that customer from ordering again.

The bottom line is that PayPal is not just a great option, it is possibly the best option as it brings customers that don’t want to use credit and debit cards.

Every ordering system we supply comes with PayPal as a payment option as standard. We highly recommend taking advantage of it. And if you don’t want to. Dont worry. There are various payment options available as well as cash on delivery.

Our system is NOT a point of sale system. This is how we can keep the price nice and low. You don’t need to hire expensive hardware or pay for installations and thermal printers.

Our food ordering system is, at the base level, an eCommerce system. And it acts just like any eCommerce system.

An order is placed and confirmation emails are sent to both yourself and the customer.

Using email for notifications gives you the highest amount of options. It’s also means you can run your order system with equipment or devices you already own.

A mobile phone. Tablet. Laptop or even a full blown computer. If it can receive email then it can be used.

Our recommendation is to have a dedicated email address (We’ll help you set this up) and a dedicated screen that always has your dedicated email address open.

For noisy establishments we recommend using something that can kick out a good amount of sound. A PC with a speaker hooked up can blast out a notification the instant an order is placed. We can even help you set up so that your notification sound repeats until the order is dealt with.

At the very least you want a screen of some sort that is on display constantly. The good news is that this can very cheap to setup. A dedicated PC or tablet can be purchased on eBay for less than £100 and we’ll even help you find the best solution for your particular needs.

No matter what town or city you are in, your local customers are using social media right now. And not just one or two. We’re talking a large percentage of people in every town or city are on social media every single waking hour of every single day.

This gives you a great opportunity to put yourself in front of a steady stream of local traffic. Your potential customers.

Sharing a link to your online order system is easy as pie with social media. And, there are multitudes of groups and people that will do the legwork for you.

As an example, we’re based in Blackpool. A quick look in Facebook finds us 27 local groups that will allow link sharing. Between those 27 groups there is a combined audience of over 150,000.

Most towns and cities will have similar numbers. And if the town or city where you are based doesn’t have those kind of numbers, don’t worry. A smaller audience just means less sharing to get the coverage you need.

Social media is a wide and varied beast and will have individual consideration for each and every one of you.

But guess what.
Our own company is a marketing powerhouse and each and every customer has access to our online ticketing system where we will give you advice, specific to your own demographic, to help you get most out of your own social network.

You won’t get better than that anywhere else.

Getting found on Google usually requires profession services. Commonly known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short.

SEO is the skill of crafting your website and its presence on the Internet so that Google displays it to anyone searching for your products and services.

SEO can be very difficult to achieve on a national level. Luckily, very few food delivery services deliver past more than a few miles. This puts you in a good position.

Every order system we provide comes fully optimised for local SEO. We ensure your local and main keywords are amazingly represented on your system and then we pull your system through the Google indexing system for quickest results.

After that we also verify your business with Google and sort out your local map results.

We’re so comprehensive with our SEO that this part of the package is worth more than the entire package itself.

While not a long term SEO plan (we do provide those if needed) the SEO that comes with our ordering solutions, as standard, is the best springboard you could hope for.

In low competition areas our included SEO package could we be enough to get you right to the top for various search terms such as “food delivery near me”.

Of course in high competition areas a little more SEO may be required. As mentioned, we can do this for you but the fact is, you can also do it yourself. And guess what, we provide, as an added extra, all the SEO tips and strategy you could possibly need.

The bottom line?
We’re not selling SEO but we know it helps so much that we’ve baked deep SEO into every order system we deliver. And not just generic SEO. We fully optimise all SEO to the specific customer in hand.

We optimise for geo location, your brand and your particular style of food to make sure you get a rock solid start in your online order business.

And if you’ve already got some SEO out there? No worries. We always compliment existing SEO and strengthen your online presence.

And if that isn’t enough, we’ve got our full customer support ticketing system on hand to give you all the live help you could possibly need.

We really of have you covered at every turn.