Canva? But isn’t that cheating?

A short disclaimer from the author!

First things first. This is NOT in any way an infomercial or sponsored article. This is simply a very positive article promoting a genuinely brilliant design tool purely because it deserves it

The tool I'm talking about is Canva.

What is Canva?

For those that don't know Canva is a design tool with oodles of ready-to-edit templates and design elements built right in. There's a huge library of image stock, layouts, typography layouts, icons, illustrations and much much more.

The library of ready-to-edit design is massively extensive and quite frankly one of the best libraries of its kind, if not the best. Need a header for a YouTube channel? Done. Need an infographic? Done. Need a quick Instagram post? Done. Need an A4 menu template? Done.

It truly is impressive and I recommend anyone who creates content regularly go and experience it for themself. It's huge, comprehensive and helps you create extremely professional content faster than ever before.

Canva is a web-based tool but works great on desk-top with a mouse and keyboard.

It also has a mobile app that is second to none. This is where Canva really shines.

Advanced design capabilities in a mobile device are genuinely lifechanging for a social marketer or anyone needing constant fresh content. Canva has got this area spot on with an outstanding dedicated mobile app. Available for both Android and IOS.

Two Amazing Features You Need To Know About

1. It handles video in a similar fashion to images! 👌

As someone who has personally created over 200 product videos and countless video shorts for social media, I can genuinely say that Adobe Premiere Pro is an amazing video editing tool. Canva doesn't even come close.

But so what! The only reason most people use tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro is that there aren't many lighter options that are stable enough to rely on. The truth is, Adobe Premiere Pro is overkill for most video requirements.

With Canva. Video can be used in exactly the same way as images. Just upload from your phone or computer and viola.

And once you're happy with your video design, just press download and Canva will create a nice small, well optimised MP4 file. In any shape or size of any Canva template.

Canva doesn't have a timeline so you're basically limited to adding a video into an otherwise still image. You can make things fly in and out to music or anything advanced. But the fact is, you can make VERY good video designs with hardly any learning curve.

That is a genuinely amazing trump card for the Canva team.

2. It has print delivery services built right in! 👌

So you need a business card? Canva has hundreds of 2 sided designs all ready to go. Designs that are simple to customise to the point of complete originality that most people will be more than happy with the available templates.

Nice and easy. Very quick professional designs.

Normally, after the design stage, most people will print off an optimised PDF version, fire open a browser, find their regular printer (or try and avoid the lure of VistaPrint) and make an order.

Not with Canva!
With Canva, right where you choose to either share or download your designs and creations, there is the option to print. You know, proper print. And the process is simple. It literally takes a few clicks and you've got a box of business cards in the post.

Well done Canva!

So who is Canva for?

It's for ANYONE who creates image or video-based content!

Many professional designers dismiss Canva as a tool for amateurs. I've even heard the use of it referenced as 'cheating' which is of course nonsense. To cheat you have to be breaking rules.

To say Canva isn't a professional tool or somehow a cheat is foolish and arrogant. Canva brings advantages to the table that can't be ignored by any content creator or social marketer.

I'm a professional designer and have been for 2 decades. I've used Photoshop at a professional level since PS5. I have PSD files that I've spent over 100 hours working on. I'm very proud of my work.

I still use Canva every day.

It's genuinely brilliant. I can be absolutely anywhere yet can create great content on the fly for pretty much any need. There's no doubt, Canva is an outstanding tool for anybody that has a requirement for on-the-fly content creation.

Canva gives you a full design studio. Right on the actual device, you take your photos and videos on. The same device you use for so much of your social marketing.

It turns your mobile phone into a genuine workstation.

You can see why 'professionals' would see Canva as a cheat. After all, it gives completely untrained non-designers a really good source of professional content at a really low price.

Naturally us designers hate that. But facts are facts. The people behind Canva have created a brilliant timesaving bit of kit. If you create content and haven't tried Canva. You need to give it a shot.

In Summary!

I'm sure it's quite clear that my overall view of Canva is a positive one.

If you create content on a regular basis the least you should do is check Canva out. It helps you create great content, wherever you are, without the need for a laptop or desktop, quickly and to high standard.

For us, Canva is worth its weight in Gold. We can't recommend it highly enough.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


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